Water? Great idea!

Along with being fun, swimming is a great exercise for dogs. While some dogs can’t wait to take the plunge, others need to be introduced gradually. We build trust and confidence so your dog can learn to enjoy the water safely. Our salt-chlorinated pool is safe for dogs and has a gentle ramp that allows dogs to enter easily and gradually, so it's ideal for both new and experienced swimmers of all ages. The pool is maintained daily and kept at a refreshing and comfortable temperature. Private and small group “buddy swims” are available. Ask about our targeted water-therapy programs for dogs who are rehabbing, convalescing, or just feeling the aches and pains of advancing age.

Private half-hour swim with trainer: $65

Half-hour small group “buddy swim” (up to 3 dogs, from no more than 2 families): $20 per dog.

Private half-hour swim: $30