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Our goals are to support the needs of most canines, mainly their needs for social context and enrichment. By and large, most dogs are pack animals. Like most people, they are social. Most dogs prefer to have people and other dogs around them, and they want to see and smell what’s happening. When dogs go into isolated, walled spaces, they hear and smell things that they can’t see, a setting that can result in anxiety. With this in mind, What A Good Dog’s boarding area provides more of a social atmosphere. Our housing is visually open, allowing dogs to see, smell, and interact with each other and with our staff. Each dog is strategically placed according to age, gender, and temperament. Our space is adjustable to accommodate dogs of all sizes as well as families of dogs who want to stay together. Of course, if it’s better for your dog to relax in a quieter location without the visual stimulation of other dogs, we can arrange that, too. For some dogs, a happy home-away-from-home is simple: a dry bed, a good meal, some fun play and/or a walk, and some cuddles. For other dogs, it’s more complex. You tell us what your dog needs and we’ll do our best to deliver it. As we get to know your dog, we’ll share our observations with you, and together we’ll make adjustments to ensure a successful stay away from home. 

our daily routine:

Our boarding dogs go outside 5-7 times a day. If your dog needs special attention, we are there to provide one-on-one companionship and additional outings. Depending on your dog's energy, social level, and usual routine, you may select additional services such as group play, a leash walk, swimming, cuddle time, ball play, or training and tricks for mental stimulation. To further help with continuity, we feed your food and give your treats.

Medication and Supplement Administration

As you have been directed by your dog’s veterinary team and have conveyed to us, we will administer supplements and medications as needed, including allergy medications, insulin, and chemotherapeutic agents. If your dog is on medication, we make sure it is administered per your vet orders and by trained staff who follow the rights of medication administration as adapted by What A Good Dog from human healthcare settings.  

What A Good Dog welcomes your “Senior Citizens” and “special needs” dogs too!

We take special care of your older family members, providing extra companionship, mental stimulation, gentle activity and lots of TLC! If your dog is arthritic or has mobility issues, we will use whatever method your dog is familiar with to help keep them mobile, comfortable, and safe, including flooring for better grip and comfort, mobility aids, and special diets - even cooking. While dogs stay with us, we can provide more frequent outings if necessary. For incontinent dogs, we will follow your at-home protocol for keeping your dog clean and comfortable at all times. Our multi-faceted healthcare expertise provides the highest standard of attention to your dog’s health and well-being. We encourage you to confer with us about any special needs or concerns you might have. What A Good Dog is here to support you and care for your dog throughout every stage of life. 


What A Good Dog is staffed overnight, and all dogs are checked during the night.

Our Boarding Rates

1st Dog, $65 per night

2nd Dog, $55 per night

3rd dog, $55 per night

4th and additional dogs, $50 per night

puppy under 4 months, $75 Per Night

Fees include 5-7 trips outside each day, preparation and serving of all meals and treats (provided by you). An additional fee will apply for medication administration. One-on-one leash walks, group-play sessions, private field time, ball or Frisbee throwing, swimming, and personal time are available for an additional fee.

We encourage you to bring your dog for a pre-board stay (a few hours or a day) so that he or she can acclimate to our team and environment and feel as comfortable as possible before spending the night with us. This pre-board stay gives us an opportunity to get to know your dog and helps ensure the best placement for their stay.