OUr Involvement

At What A Good Dog, we take our commitments to both animals and humans very seriously. To that end, we engage with our community in a variety of ways.

Our work has included volunteering with numerous rescue groups to teach their staff members how to best work with animals that have been abandoned, surrendered, or traumatized, as well as with dogs from puppy mills, high-kill shelters, and other victimizing environments, increasing the chances for a happy and problem-free adoption.

We are partners with and provide training for Main Line Deputy Dog, which trains rescue dogs and family pets to be fully-certified service dogs to help address the needs of people who have physical challenges or mental health concerns (

We are committed to the greater canine community through our work with a variety of rescue groups and community events, including school programs focused on teaching children how to appropriately approach, interact, and care for dogs.

We also work with patients who have traumatic brain injuries, who find comfort and healing from interacting with -and often from just simply touching- dogs. What A Good Dog also offers job re-entry opportunities for people transitioning back into the work world from healthcare-related challenges.

We host The Dog Show at The Devon Horse Show, providing a family-oriented opportunity for people to bring out their dogs, participate in some games, and show off their best tricks.

What A Good Dog provides young people with opportunities to deepen their knowledge and skills. Younger children have found their way to WAGD for projects including interviewing and reports and high school students internships

Our ideal community is one where dogs and humans interact seamlessly in all areas of social life, and where mutual respect, understanding, and tolerance promote an environment of mutual trust and support between dogs and humans.