Our Philosophy

At What A Good Dog, we know that every dog –like every person– is an individual, with its own distinctive personality traits stemming from its genetic background as well as its environment. As individuals, all dogs relate to the world -and their worlds- a little differently. While dogs are generally adaptable and resilient, they need to be recognized for who they are and what their individual needs might be for them to be most comfortable. Our philosophy is to recognize and respond to the individual dog, creating a plan to best accommodate his or her needs.


Our Founder

I believe I was meant to share my life path with dogs. My work includes facilitating for some of them that are having trouble or are asking to be understood. I feel very strongly that it is a genetic gift that I have the blessing of, and I choose to continually try to hone the skill sets that enable me to take the best advantage of this gift."

— Mary Remer, Founder of What A Good Dog


Our Approach

Our approach is behaviorally-based. At WAGD, we create an environment that fosters the opportunity for dogs to experience positive, fun, and safe interactions with the WAGD caregivers and with other canines. Whether your dog is joining us for a lesson, staying with us for the day, or boarding with us overnight, we work with your dog and you to create the best experience for your pet. Every dog's visit is individually designed to meet their own specific needs, and all our activities aim to build a quality experience while strengthening relationships with humans and other canines.


Our Experience

We are breeders, trainers, veterinary technicians, animal behavior specialists, canine advocates and dog lovers. Our core senior staff members bring decades of education and experience in the fields of training and behavior. Consequently, every service provided at WAGD is infused with this expertise, including where your dog will be housed and next to whom, and, if your dog is social, with whom he or she will play during his or her stay. In our training and behavioral work, we have helped literally tens of thousands of dogs and their families achieve better, more rewarding relationships based on mutual respect, understanding, and trust.


Our Commitment

At What A Good Dog, we are committed to the mission of providing the optimum experience for dogs, to respect and honor every dog and their owner as individuals, and to celebrate and strengthen the special human/canine bond, as well as the canine/canine bond. It is our ongoing commitment to stay current in the fields of canine behavioral science and the science of the human-canine relationship. We are also committed to the greater community through our collaboration with organizations whose missions benefit from our expertise and from the therapeutic use of animals, as well as with various rescue organizations.