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What A Good Dog Halo Awards for Canine Excellence: Call for Nominations

What a Good Dog, is honored to extend their appreciation to the community by presenting the 1st annual “What A Good Dog Halo Awards” to outstanding dogs that have served their owners and the community in exemplary ways. Awards will be presented to dogs that have exemplified superlative service in four classifications:

  • Search and Rescue/Uniformed Service K9’s

  • Service

  • Therapy

  • Exemplary Companion Dogs 

What A Good Dog is relying on you, animal lovers from the community, to submit nominations for dogs in these categories.  The winners will be selected by a blue ribbon panel of judges and awards will be announced at The Dog Show at the Devon Horse Show.

Dog's Name *
Dog's Name
Into Which Category Does This Dog Fall?
In the space below, please provide a bio of the dog in 500 or fewer words. Please emphasize how long the dog has been in service, the noteworthy act(s), behaviors or achievements of the dog within the nomination category, Give consideration to the dog’s direct impact in the community and describe specifically what qualifies this canine for an award of excellence.