Some dogs just love a good shampoo and style. Others would just as soon skip a meal.

Regular grooming is an important part of canine care. For many dogs, grooming is an essential part of their lifestyle and well-being. Like every other service provided at WAGD, our approach to grooming is primarily customized to the unique characteristics of your dog’s breed or mix, as well as your lifestyle and taste. We make friends with your dog first, and we make sure they are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process. Every dog gets individualized attention here: no aggressive handling or subduing dogs into submission. We’re patient. We’re kind. We’re gentle. We’re invested in developing a trusting relationship, thereby ensuring a lifetime of stress-free grooming. We can even help dogs who have had negative grooming experiences achieve a level of trust and comfort. At What A Good Dog, trust is in every touch. 

A grooming, bath and/or nail trim may be scheduled for boarding dogs prior to their departure; if your dog is not in residence, grooming appointments are scheduled at specified times throughout the day.